I experienced prosperity when I did this ONE thing.

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I anticipated having the best #HotGirlSummer I've experienced to date, but a particular life event left my heart broken, my self-esteem annihilated, and my self-image fragmented.  Looking in the mirror became a mundane event in my daily life as I barely recognized the woman peering back at me. 
I found myself sitting outside underneath the expanse of the sun as the Atlanta drummed mightily upon my shoulders.  It was as though God was literally beating something out of me.  The tears began to well, and then they sprang forth.  Though the words sat trapped in the back of my throat, my heart knew.
I want more.  I deserve more.
That's when I began to feel what prosperity could look like for me: the moment that I made a decision and began taking inspired action.  The mere act of making a proclaiming my birthright to feel prosperous and lay hold of the abundance that was divinely granted to me  - whether by leading a happy, healthy life or being connected with a deeply loving community - led me to one of the most heart-opening experiences of my life.
The thing about having your eyes opened to the truth of who you are and who you are intended to be is that rarely is it ever found in the arms of comfort or familiarity.  It happens when we are forced to think beyond what we can see or what we have experienced.  It happens when we are called (or sometimes forced) to wrestle with the emotions that we are so hell-bent on avoiding.  It happens in the shadows, in the depths, and in murky waters. 
What ascends out of the totality of this process though...is our truth.  Our strongest convictions.  Our hopes and dreams.  What is birthed is the purest version of who we are.
THAT is where prosperity begins, at least for me.  It's also the inspiration for the #BlackWomanProspering collection, which is releasing on Nov. 11th at 11:11 AM!  Excitement is an understatement for how I feel about this release.  More new products will be available for purchase as well.  Stay tuned!
With Love,
Brianna Michelle

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  • i’m on love with your transparency and vulnerability to help other celebrate their journey embracing their worth and prosperity! congratulations on this new collection. ready to be one he flyest in the room!

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